Monday, July 13, 2020

1,200 Calorie Diet for a Day | with a FREE 7-Day Meal Plan!

Never thought that I'll be able to go back to my regular weight after years of being over my ideal, in reference to height and body frame size. I already knew the secret, though it took me a little while to find the will power to finally do it.

And yes, it's all about DIET.

I filmed this video to show you what a 1,200 Calorie Diet for a day looks like. I did not simply decreased the daily calorie intake, but also considered the nutrient content of each meal. This diet plan helped me lose my unwanted weight and drop a few inches, while staying healthy! 

WATCH this video and carefully take note of the important features of this diet:

Just like what I've mentioned in the video, this diet plan is perfect and the most ideal for those who would want to achieve immediate weight loss in a short period of time. The 1,200 Calorie Diet Plan can be quite restrictive, thus it is not ideal for anyone, in general, to stick to it for a long period of time (though it can still be possible for some with small body frame size, slow metabolism, very low physical activity, etc.)

If you'll ask me, this diet is far better than the fad diets you see all over the internet because this cannot only deliver results, but most importantly, sustain your health and well-being too. Believe me, I've tried a lot of crazy diets and always end up gaining more than what I've actually lost *cries*

Now here's a FREE meal plan for a week which you can try at home! But before you do that, I would suggest that you prepare yourself a few days (to a week) prior. Try to do the following:

(1) Avoid refined carbs (e.g. white rice)
(2) Eliminate sugary drinks and junk foods (chips)
(3) Decrease portion size of each meal
(4) Limit intake of salty food 

Once you managed to do these, you may start with my 1,200 Calorie Diet Plan immediately :)

1,200 Calorie Diet Plan for 7 Days

Simply mix and match meals from the list below! You can find the full recipes on my previous videos. Just make sure to observe portion control. To make it easier, prepare your food in a small bowl only. Keep in mind that your goal each meal is to eat just the right amount of food to satisfy hunger (and NOT to feast!).


Power Omelette
Avocado Toast
Berry Nutty Smoothie
Banana & Oats Pancake
Soft-boiled Eggs + Apple
Overnight Oats with Banana
Strawberry & Yogurt Toast


Chicken Stir-fry
Cabbage Rolls
Capsicum Rings
Tuna & Corn Toast
Chicken Salad Wrap
Egg & Spinach Toast
Tuna & Broccoli Salad
Chicken & Mango Salad
Lemon Chicken & Broccoli


Mixed Berries

Here are the videos where you can find the recipes for the above meals:

I will be creating more healthy cooking videos in the future, to give you more options for your diet. Though these resources won't mean anything unless you decided to START. So start not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY! Don't get overwhelmed, a week on low calorie healthy diet will pass and you'll be surprised with the improvements you'll make.

I promise you that :)

If you still have questions, kindly drop them in the comment section below. I am also inviting you to follow me on my socials and subscribe to my YouTube channel

See you on my next post!
Don't forget to smile, stay healthy, and be good.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Health Talk: Weight Loss, Fitness Goals, and Body Positivity

Several weeks ago, a message popped on my phone screen. It was a guy friend who replied on one of my Facebook stories, dropping me a startling question (though it's actually not unusual for me to receive such, but I don't know why it stirred me up that particular moment). Okay, I'm quoting verbatim and here's the question: "Anong motivation mo magpapayat?" (What's your motivation to lose weight?) 

It's a simple question.
But it took me a couple of minutes to reply.

This is my confession.

On my YouTube video, uploaded just a month ago, I happily shared my first milestone in this so-called "Weight Loss Journey". I've lost around 3.3 kg in just one week, and I'm over the moon with this success. I also provided, with all honesty, the reasons why I embarked on this pursuit all of a sudden (though I think I gave it a rain check long enough). To sum it all up, I simply want to regain my self-esteem and confidence. I want to look good so I can feel better about myself, again. 

Now I feel so accounted for this. 
Sadly, it took me a while to realize.

I was just being honest. I decided to lose weight because I am not happy with my body. To be more brutally-honest, I hate (or maybe disgust) to see myself naked in front of the mirror. The bulges, the curves, and all the imperfections here and there gave me, not only occasional, but very frequent negative thoughts. My dissatisfaction over the body I couldn't accept that is actually mine, led to a decision made overnight. I want to shred my unwanted weight, and I'm doing it no matter what. 

Though I did not resort to fad diets, or extreme self-starvation (at least my brain still functions rationally, because my license as a nutritionist-dietitian will disown me if chose to play a cheat card), I did pushed myself beyond the limit. I subjected myself into a very restrictive diet and excessive physical activity so that I will be able to achieve my goals immediately. Though it doesn't really affected my physical health (except for the fact that I lose weight way too fast than what is ideally considered "healthy"), it made my mental state suffer. Since what I did was like punishing myself for looking unacceptable, there was no satisfaction in my head -- like I could've done better. 

Yes, I was too hard on myself.
Did all of these out of self-loathing. 

I drafted this post because of two things: (1) I feel so responsible for promoting weight loss and body goals, which are focused on the numbers, and I want to own up to it; (2) I felt the need to share how I botch up on this "supposedly" inspiring journey, yet managed to trace my steps back and return with a better view and good intentions -- yes, the realness of it all. 

This is how I would like to inspire you.

To set things straight, allow me to share with you these realizations. Together, let us define and achieve our "healthy" body goals!

Focus on being healthy, instead of aspiring to lose weight. Losing weight has been an ultimate goal for many of us, because of the idea that having a slimmer figure will make others see us better. But how much weight should we lose in order to be fully appreciated by our peers? Does losing weight makes us feel more beautiful and confident? What are the crazy measures we do in order to lose weight fast? Can we say that we are indeed healthy after shedding several pounds? 

Well losing weight should not be the goal, but just one of the possible end products of a healthy lifestyle change. What we should aim to lose are the bad stuff, like fats; and of course develop what we need, which are muscles. So the actual weight can never be the basis of our body or health goals. To put it simply, a skinny and a chubby person can both say that they've attained their healthy body goals. 

It should always be about the real definition of "self-love". Yes, it is very important to accept who you are, fully, and that includes your body figure. Some would say that it's okay to stay in your current physique and you just need to be confident to live with it. And I agree, a hundred and one percent on that; as no one should feel pressured in losing weight or becoming thinner. But the question is: Is that really "self-love"? Are you actually loving yourself more if you live by practicing unconscious food intake and/or lack of physical activity? 

I think we are only justifying our irresponsible habits and making a huge misinterpretation on what body positivity and empowerment truly stands for. There is no ideal body figure, and there shouldn't be. We can never have the same size but we can all enjoy a healthy lifestyle -- one that will make us feel good inside and out. And yes, we should do this because we love our self, and not because we want others to love or appreciate us back. 

Go easy on  yourself and enjoy the lifestyle change gradually. There's no rush, you are not in a competition. If it will take you a month to decrease your intake of rice, that's totally fine. If you can only commit to a 15-minute walk, then by all means stick to it for now. Allow your body to adjust with the changes and eventually get used to it (so that it won't backfire on you in the near future). My very restrictive diet made me crave for a lot of sinful food, and as a result, I would force myself to do extreme and lengthy workouts (to the point that I can no longer stand or walk). Now, I just see to it that I'm choosing the right kid of food, observing controlled portions, engaging on regular exercise, but still enjoying some cheat days. I never had a lovely relationship with my body in years -- until now. And it feels so good. 

Progress should be tracked by what you feel and not by the figures you see on the scale. Once you choose to make the switch, your healthy food choices and regular physical activities will lead to losing stuff that are not beneficial for your overall health, but not really losing weight in general (like what I've mentioned earlier). The figures may not change that much, but what you actually feel in your body and what you see in front of the mirror will validate that you are indeed making a healthy progress. So it's time to ditch the scale, because the lies it tells you will not helpful for your mental state. Don't be like me who obsessed myself on dropping several pounds each week. It made me so anxious and unrealistic. Again, I am so sorry for (possibly) making others feel bad about their weight too. 

Leaving this here, for now.

That's it for the meantime. I will share more health-related posts in the succeeding days. Thank you for reaching the end, I hope you've learned a thing or two. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, would love to hear them :)

Yes, I am just like anybody else who has a lot of insecurities, and would do crazy things just to be good enough for myself and for everyone. But I am happy to know better now. I'll continue learning and growing.

See you on the next post.
Always smile and be good!

Monday, June 15, 2020

THE BEAUTIFUL COMEBACK (Why I went on "blogging hiatus" + Updates on my Life) | Miss G Diaries

Um, Hello. *clears throat*
I really don't know how to start this.
But yeah, I am finally back.*smiles*

Thank you for sparing a few minutes of your time.
Hope you'll read until the end of this post. 
And maybe leave a comment below?

Enjoy :)

Why I went on a long blogging hiatus...

My last blog entry was almost a year ago, and I didn't plan to take a long "blogging break", and also didn't plan to make a comeback all of a sudden. Okay, last year was tough. You know, things went super crazy in my real, adult life, which led me to procrastinate a lot on my alter-ego activities (referring to, but not limited to, blogging, creating content, etc.). My day job got so demanding that it took almost all of my time and energy, thus I can no longer work on most of my personal stuff. Well I can't afford to set it aside because the ball won't keep on rolling without the cash, you know that. But at the back of my mind, I think I am just making some lame excuses for my laziness and lack of time management (that hurts, haha). 

Oh I remember, my YouTube channel was newly-launched last year, so I focused more on creating video content and gaining viewers, eventually abandoning this lovely space where I humbly started (Oh I miss this, for real!). And right now, it feels so amazing to finally hit the keys again and write about my thoughts. Honestly, I don't know what to say, really, because my initial plan is just to make an ordinary comeback post --- with a nice product review or maybe share my effective fitness engagements. 

But in the end, I decided to make it a personal comeback post. And I hope you'll learn something from this. 

What really happened to me last year...

2019 was the year I encountered some of the biggest challenges in my life. And these challenges did not only require me to be patient and understanding, but also to be very dauntless in carrying out a handful of life-changing decisions. It was a balance of the good and the bad; the best and the worst. I know that I am very blessed, yet I still find it hard to totally appreciate everything because tough problems and difficult people continuously hit me hard like wildfire --- so uncontrollable and extremely hard to extinguish. The struggles did not only drain me physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. 

Since 2015, blogging has become my outlet to relieve stress. Here's where I share my personal thoughts and experiences freely. And though I'm not sure who my readers are (or if there's any), I'm still happy to let my words float in the virtual space and reach anyone who badly needs them. However,  on the last two quarters of 2019, I suddenly lost my interest in blogging. It was so sad, but I can't deny the fact that the flames were already put out; the burning passion was no longer there. Whenever I force myself to write, I usually end up with a terrible output. And so, I paused and had a break. 

It took me until early this year to sort things out. 

How am I doing right now...

I can't say that 2020 is a great year, because that would be too insensitive for others and even for myself. Though prior to the global scare brought by the current pandemic, I was already receiving a lot of unexpected blessings and surprises. I'm not sure if what I just needed was to be out of the country and live alone in order for me to think things through; work on my craft again, and return with fresher thoughts, better intentions, and renewed purpose. But yeah, I think that was what I needed --- my own time, my own space. 

I am now currently in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working as an expatriate in a long-standing hotel & casino. Probably the biggest and hardest decision I've ever made in my 29 years of existence. But this is something I will never regret today, tomorrow, or even in the years to come. Since I am not only growing my professional career right now, but also improving my physical, mental, and emotional state. And yes, this 180 turn made me reassess my life, my thoughts, and my purpose. It is now helping me to achieve previous goals, set new targets, and pave a better path. It is indeed true that most of the time "a major setback is all you needed to make a fierce comeback". 

However, I'm not yet there guys and please don't think that I've already succeeded my inner chaos. I am still working my way through it. But what I can assure you, and even myself, is that I've returned with a brighter and stronger flame. This is me who is loving herself more, understanding other people better, and living with greater intentions. I look forward to share consciously crafted content; be able to inspire everyone to continue living and loving an imperfect life ---  because the beauty we are looking for is, and has always been, with us. It will never make our lives perfect, but it can make it worth living. 

Thank you for listening.
Glad you've reached the end.

See you on my next blog entry.
Have a blessed day ahead!


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Lay's NEWEST Flavor, "Salted Egg" is Finally HERE! #LaysBringTheFlavor | Philippines

What will you do if a large, yellow, luggage-inspired box hit your doorstep one stormy afternoon? Then as you look at the front part, you'll find a bold print which says "The Snack Surprise", surrounded with the logos of some popular snack brands...

Well you gotta do what you gotta do---UNBOX IT RIGHT AWAY because it is from FRITOLAY!! Yeah!

Hahaha! I hope you liked the intro guys! :)

And TADAAH! I didn't expected that Lay's will come up with a new flavor, and it's something that we all crave for: SALTED EGG!!! 

For a quick first impression: The Lay's logo here, as well as most of the product information are written in  foreign letters. Which made me conclude that it was purposely created for a certain market. Regardless of that being said, I still love the packaging and the overall feel of this product. I think it shall be well-received by the Filipinos :)

But the question is: "How was the taste?" Did I lived for it? How was it compared to the good 'ol flavors of Lay's? 

Mmm...well they somehow nailed this one, because I totally LOVE IT! The delicate flavor of salted egg was carefully infused in every potato chip, making it deliciously addicting! I also noticed that it has this controlled amount of 'spicyness' which helps a lot to make it not so "nakaka-umay" at all. And yeah, I finished a bag in just a snap. Thank you very much!

Lay's Salted Egg is now exclusively available at ALL 7-11 stores nationwide! So grab some and enjoy the salted egg craze with your family and friends! Don't forget to share your photos and use the hashtags: #LaysBringTheFlavor #LaysSaltedEgg

Thank you for reading my blog! You may also check out other interesting posts here as well :) So till the next one, bye for now!

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Keep on snacking!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

WIN over PHP 220,000 worth of PRIZES from Super Delights Brownie Bites!

The first time I tasted this brownie was way back 2018, when my sister brought home a bag. I can still remember that we consumed everything down to the last bits because it was so heavenly delicious! 

Just recently, I received a package from Super Delights and was surprised to see that my favorite brownie bites has a new look---and a very exciting offer!

Before we jump to the "exciting offer", I will first share a few thoughts...

My busy lifestyle consistently demands for a snack that is quick, yummy, and at the same time pack with energy-boosting ingredients! Good thing a bar only contributes to 60 calories, so I'll never be too guilty to indulge in one or two bites daily.  

And did you know that you can experiment with brownie bites? You can either heat in the microwave or chill inside the fridge. But if you want to impress your house guests, you can serve it to them with ice cream on top (instant brownie ala mode!) or with a cup of milk or hot chocolate. You'll be the best host for sure!

Yet the most awesome thing here is the fact that you no longer need to bake whenever you are craving for brownies! Easy and affordable :)

Are you now craving for some brownie bites? Oh here's another awesome news! Super Delights will be giving away PHP 220,000 worth of prizes on Instagram! All you have to do is following the mechanics below to join:

Image result for super delights brownie bites promo

What are you waiting for?! Submission of of entries is until August 31, 2019 only! Good luck!

Thank you for reading my blog! You may also check out other interesting posts here as well :) So till the next one, bye for now!

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Stay sweet, inside and out!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

I Had my Facial and Diamond Peel at Slimmers World Face and Skin Clinic (Bacoor Center) | REVIEW

I have a fair knowledge about Slimmers World as one of the top fitness brands in the country (Philippines). Though to be honest, I haven't seen or been to a branch in my twenty-plus years of existence, not until a few months ago. 

For the record, they already have 23 centers strategically scattered around Metro Manila, 2 in Subic, and another 2 in Cebu. Now if you'll visit Thailand, they also have 3 centers situated in Bangkok. And it was only this year when Slimmers World opened its door to CaviteƱos, and to the rest of the Filipinos living in South Luzon. This made me so excited because I've been longing to hit the gym again and get back in shape (as if, hahaha!). 

Image may contain: text

But to my surprise, Slimmers World is not just about health and fitness all along, because they have also committed themselves in making the "skin" beautiful. And of course, I can't let this opportunity pass---I have to try their skin services ASAP! 

Now here's the full video of my Facial and Diamond Ultra Peel session at Slimmers World Face and Skin Clinic - Bacoor Center:

To sum it up, I generally enjoyed the experience.  Though I must say that there was nothing super special on the way they did my facial and diamond peel (expect for being really gentle during cleansing and pricking), good thing it was kind of "extensive". Why? Because they gave me a 'mask' as part of the treatment, and not an add on. It is a complete treatment for the price of one. Yasss!

Will I have my facial / diamond peel again? YES.

Will I recommend it to my family and friends? YES. 

Definitely YES because the service is great. Let me enumerate the reasons:

  • I had my FREE initial consultation
  • I was treated in a clean, sanitized, and cozy room
  • I was handled with utmost care and courtesy
  • I was spared from the painful picking
  • I was given a chance to provide some feed backs
  • I love the result! 

So if you are looking for a skin clinic, allow me to recommend SWFSC-Bacoor Center. The doctors, skin consultants and technicians are ALL well-mannered and very accommodating. 

I'll drop this digital coupon as well, which you may present upon visiting their clinic to avail FREE facial and 10% discount on all their skin treatments. Hooray!

Hoping to see you on my next visit! Leave a comment below if your have further queries, and I'll try my best to answer them. You may also follow SWFSC-Bacoor Center on their socials:

Instagram: @slimmersworldfaceandskinbacoor
Facebook: Slimmers World Face and Skin Clinic - Bacoor Center

Thank you for joining me on this post loves! Till the next---Hugs and Kisses!

Love your skin, it's your greatest asset... 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Lay's Philippines "Snack Overload' Promo 2019: Buy 2 bags, Get a free snack!

Who doesn't love FREE stuff? No one of course! Especially if it's a FREE SNACK?! 

Another reason to hoard our favorite FritoLay snacks is their newest and hottest "snack overload" promo! Just by simply buying two (2) stickered bags, you'll get to enjoy a FREE snack! And you have three choices: 

a. A box of 3 glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme
b. A dessert pizza courtesy of Yellowcab
c. A chicken burger with cheese by Max's Restaurant

Participating products are Lay's, Doritos, and Cheetos---you can mix and match any flavors! Yay!


And of course, I have to experience this for myself; so after finishing a bag of Lay's and Cheetos, I head over to Krispy Kreme (at SM City Bacoor) and exchanged them for some yummy glazed doughnuts. To my surprise, I was asked to pay 60 pesos before I can claim my supposedly "FREE" snacks. Hmmm, that only proves the saying "There's no such thing as free lunch (or snack?!)"

Do I have hard feelings about that? Nu-uh. At least I got the other two doughnuts literally for FREE (haha!). To be honest, I don't consider LAY'S as one of my "daily" snacks. Given its pricey nature, I would still go for the local ones. But let us also be real with the fact that the former has more flavor in it, and is made with premium ingredients; thus justifies the high price point. And promos like this gives us an opportunity to indulge without too much guilt, since we are getting a bit more of what we actually paid for. Agree?

I still have a bag of Lay's sour cream and Doritos here, so I think I'll be getting the dessert pizza next! :) Hopping I won't be asked to pay for it again hahaha! *fingers crossed* 

The promo period is from May 1 to June 30, 2019. You can redeem your FREE snacks until August 31, 2019. Make sure to cut out the stickers and visit the participating branches before that date! Let me know your experiences by leaving a comment below :)

And she snack happily ever after...